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HD Front Rail with Bobro Bipod

HD Front Rail
Heavy Duty Front Rail with Internal Nutplate.
P/N 140062
Shown at left with Bobro Bipod (Not Included)

HD Front Rail with QD Stud
Heavy duty Front Rail with Internal Nutplate and QD Stud for Harris QD Bipods - P/N 140063

Shown with original USGI sling swivel

The Heavy Duty Model with the optional QD Stud  shown at the left takes advantage of the Sadlak Internal Oval Nutplate  (as used on our QD Post Assembly) using two socket head screws installed externally through the two counterbored holes in the rail.  This model allows the removal or replacement of the rail without removing the stock.  Depending on the stock, initial installation of the internal nutplate may require Dremel work to recess  the oval plate flush to the inside surface.

As illustrated at the right, your original USGI sling swivel is securely held in place by the grooves on the underside of the rail
HD Front Fril
HD Front Rail with QD Stud

The internal nut plate supplied with the Heavy Duty Fron Rail is significantly stronger than screws and washers and will take the additional load from the bipod without danger of splitting or cracking the stock

The Nutplate is installed in the thickest area of the stock  Internal Nutplate installed on stock for HD Front Rail

Once the HD Front Rail (140062) is installed you have flexibility of attaching a clamp-on type Bi-Pod or,  with Heavy Duty Front Rail with QD Stud (140063) a Harris QD type bipod.   All hardware and screws have mil-spec. Manganese Phosphate finish. The internal Nut Plate can be further supported by permanently bedding it into the stock using Devcon Steel Epoxy or other bedding compound. 

Optional Equipment

Harris Bi-Pod Model SLM, 9-13" Legs
Harris Bi-Pod Model SLM

Optional Tools

9/32 Drill with Non-Grab Cutting Edges
Note:  Standard drills may grab and crack stock

9/32 Drill

Devcon Steel Epoxy Putty #S-6


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